Deep Sleep Aid - You just got Knocked Out! App Reviews

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An App that works. Well done.


Only 1 recording

Beware this app has only 1 session. That's it.

Great Sleep Aid

Very well done sleep aid. I find this the most effective sleep aid I have tried.

This app really works

I use it every night. Love it!

I use this nightly

I've used this app for months now and I use it almost every night. Occasionally, I'll set it to repeat itself but the majority of the time once is enough. I like sleeping but I have a hard time winding down. This app helps me to relax and go to sleep.

Give it a shot

I'm a lifelong insomniac and even with pills, I have trouble shutting down at night. Meditation has long been a useful technique for me. Still I've been wary of apps like this. Until now, that is. This app is very good and straightforward and has the option of repeat up to 15 times, which is more than enough. I'm not off medication. This isn't a miracle cure, but it's certainly worth a try.


I tried the app and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the voices and the peaceful method of inducing relaxation and rest. Very nice product and simple to use.

Love it!

12yo daughter & I have anxiety which sometimes interferes with falling asleep. This app is very helpful- so relaxing and soothing. Thank you!!


Whoever said the woman's voice was great is mistaken. The man's voice is hideous too! Not relaxing. Was annoying!! Don't waste your time with this one!! Trust me!!

The BEST!!!

I can't believe how this app has changed my life!! I loove it Saved me from sleepless nights! Her voice is the best out there. Highly recommended

Simply Amazing!

Love this app. Helps me fall asleep even when I'm really stressed out. Thank you!

It really works!

This app has helped me to sleep like nothing has ever before!


I love this App!


I love this app. I had a lot of difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep, but since I've been using Visulax I am falling asleep quickly and staying asleep. Way better than a pill!

Thank you soo much!!

Oh my god! In my review of the previous version of this app I shared how this app made me go to sleep instantly and it was the best sleep I ever had in a long time... I also requested the developers to make this app compatible with iOS 7 and I'm delighted to know that they actually read my comment and they actually made the app compatible!!! I would like to thank the developers for being so great!!! And also if you are wondering if you should buy this app or not... Well stop doing so and just get it!!! It's truly awesome!!!

Cuuuute! Nice. Get it!

I can't sleep. I just can't. It's suuuuper stressful go to my job at 10 when I am up until 4 am!!! I slept at 11 pm and 1 am and 11 pm with this cuuuute app. Well worked for me. Who know if can work for everybody. But I'm amazed. I don't take sleeping pill I'm a organic freak. Everything natural only. Tea it's ok. But we'll just this app helped me. Thanks PrettyBE

Very simple, very effective

I like this app because the audio doesn't attempt to solve all your problems or keep you from ever worrying again. It simply helps you to fall into a deeply relaxed state that is enjoyable and useful for falling asleep. This could very likely help people with anxiety, insomnia, or just highly stressed people who need some deep rest.

Scattered meditation

It's almost there but not quite. For a sleep aid, I find the mentions of the Sun conflicting and too many. How many of us go to bed at sunset? I found the man's voice more pleasing than the female option. I don't use the calendar feature but it could be a useful coaching tool certainly. The app works smoothly and is visually appealing. Quick tip: Don't select repeat option with the introduction still on. The welcome is much more upbeat than the core presentation.

I use this app a lot

This app really helps me sleep. I plug my iPhone into my clock radio's dock, start up the app, and before I know it, I am sound asleep. It's great.

Sleep app

Best app ever I couldn't wake my self up it was to relaxing to it is so awesome I love it I give it 5 stars

Absolutely amazing!!

Love this app, broke my phone and lost this app. I tried a lot of others but non surpass this!!! Thank you

Female voice is warm

Nice touch!

Not What I Expected

The speaker's voice is robotic, choppy and monotone, which does not work well for the purpose of relaxation.

Best sleep i've had in months

I just had the best sleep i've ever had in months! My friend recommended this app and i'm so happy i finally tried it. Thank u!!! Looking forward to sleeping tonight!

Fav app! Works all the time :)

Had this for almost a year and still works everytime i need it -on nights when my mind is super preoccupied, having a migraine, or even when im scared! Im always asleep before it ends and wake up energized in the morning! Still amazed how it knocks me out. One of my fav app! :) <3!


This mans voice is not soothing in the least bit. It actually is quit opposite. There is nothing relaxing about this app. Very dull. Waste of money.

Change the reader...

Love the idea of this app, but the reader's voice and obvious scripted reading is not one that calms the mind or relaxes. Someone reading with a more relaxing voice would be better. And someone more familiar with the script, that doesn't sound like he or she is reading aloud with awkward pauses would be more helpful.

Annoying voice, not well read

The major flaw of this app is that the narrator leading the guided meditation does not have a soothing, hypnotic voice. The meditation is fine but it is not well read. If they'd hired a professional this would be much better. Will have to keep looking for an app to help me fall asleep.

No more sleepless nights!

This app is THE BEST!! I have downloaded and tried many apps & nothing has worked for me until I found this one. I was diagnosed w/insomnia a few yrs ago and always had a problem falling & staying asleep until I found this app. No more medications. I just press play and off to relaxation! I have told my therapist and all my friends about this app. Don't go without another sleepless night. Try it! It's so worth it!!!!!


It's good it's my first day using it but it could be better if the dude talking could run when the app isn't running


I was asleep in 25 minutes! When I eventually did wake up I felt like I was floating. I was completely relaxed.


I used it and I felt very relaxed. I feel like I was sleeping, which I almost did. The voice is a little annoying at times, but the app is wonderful with a great price, free!

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